Double Diamond - How to Play

If you’re in search of some straightforward classic slots fun, you’ll love playing Double Diamond, a 3-reel, 5-line online slots game that has everything you’re looking for. Players will win by lining up matching symbols like the lucky symbol, bar symbols, and the Double Diamond symbol on a single payline. But don’t let this classic game fool you into thinking there’s only one way to win: with Double Diamond Wins, you'll earn a big payday whenever three Double Diamond symbols appear on the same payline. Add in Cherry wins and Any-Bar wins and you’ve got enough diamond-studded excitement that’ll keep you playing forever.


Understanding Gameplay Controls for Double Diamond


  • To adjust your bet down or up, use the (-) and (+) buttons
  • Once you’ve settled on your bet, click Spin to lock it in and start the reels
  • If you want to choose a number of consecutive spins at the same bet level, use Auto Spin
  • Use Stop to disable Auto Spin


Rules for Playing Double Diamonds


  • Instances of misuse or malfunction will void all pays and plays
  • If a single Double Diamond symbol appears without a Cherry symbol and without matching non-blank symbols, the result is not a winning outcome
  • If two Double Diamond symbols and a blank symbol appear on the same payline, this is also not a winning outcome
  • Player receives only the highest earned win on each payline Wins are shown in currency


Your Guide to the Special Wins in Double Diamond


Double Diamond Wins

  • This kind of win takes place when three Double Diamond symbols land on the payline
  • If one or two Double Diamond symbols land on the payline, these symbols will match any other symbols that appear on the payline
  • Any winning outcomes that include exactly one Double Diamond symbol reward the player with two times the regular win amount
  • Any winning outcomes featuring two Double Diamond symbols pay four times the regular win amount
  • A result that features only Double Diamond symbol(s) and blank symbol(s) is not a winning outcome and does not pay out
  • A Double Diamond will only substitute for a Cherry symbol if there is already a Cherry somewhere else on the payline


Any-Bar Wins

  • Whenever non-matching Bar symbols combine on a payline, this is called an Any-Bar win


Cherry Wins

  • Cherry wins refer to any result where one or more cherry symbol appears
  • If a Cherry symbol appears on a payline, this is known as a one-Cherry winner
  • When two Cherry symbols (regardless of whether or not the reels are consecutive) land on a payline, the result is a two-Cherry winner


Graphical Settings


Be sure to adjust graphics settings in order to achieve the appropriate balance of quality and performance:

  • BEST– Graphics are sharpest, but performance could suffer
  • HIGH (default) – Provides a balance between performance and resolution
  • MEDIUM– Lower quality graphics, but compensated by faster performance
  • LOW – Graphics quality is poorest, but the smoothest performance across all machines


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