Coyote Moon Slots - How to Play

It doesn't have to be midnight for you to howl at the moon. When you play Coyote Moon, you can run with the pack any time of day. And you'll want to play regularly when you see the type of rewards offered in this 40-line slots game. With a Rising Moon bonus round and a Stacked Wilds feature, you can take your hunt for winnings to a whole new level. You'll be howling for joy when you play Coyote Moon slots online at


Playing Coyote Moon: The Basics


  • To change your Bet and Line, use the (-) and (+) buttons
  • To place your bet and start the reels, click Spin
  • Using Auto Spin to play a specific number of consecutive spins at the same line and bet amount
  • Turn Auto Spin off by using the Stop button
  • Clicking Info will give you information about pay awards for symbol combos and to see the rules


Understanding The On-Screen Information


  • Balance: Displays your total available currency
  • Bet: The current amount wagered per line being played
  • Win: The amount won on the last spin
  • Total Bet: The total amount wagered, equal to Bet multiplied by the number of lines played


All about Coyote Moon’s Stacked Wilds Feature


  • When the Stacked Wilds feature is active, each reel in the base game is loaded with groups of four or more consecutive Wild symbols
  • In the Rising Moon Bonus stage of the game, the Stacked Wilds offers even more plentiful winnings. Win a huge payout and you too will feel like howling at the rising moon


How to Play the Rising Moon Bonus


  • Players trigger Rising Moon Bonus by landing on the Bonus symbol in any position on the center three reels
  • Hitting the Rising Moon Bonus lets you play five free spins. The reels in the Rising Moon Bonus have a richer, more plentiful Stacked Wilds feature than the base game reels
  • During the Rising Moon Bonus, you can retrigger the Bonus whenever three Bonus symbols anywhere on the center three reels
  • You can retrigger the Bonus multiple times, up to a maximum of 255 free spins per Bonus
  • Once you trigger the Rising Moon Bonus, you’re locked into the same Bet and Line selection as the turn that triggered the bonus round


Additional Graphics Controls


Feel free to change the graphics settings to optimize your experience:


  • BEST mode – The graphics looks great, but there’s a chance performance could suffer
  • HIGH mode (default) – This setting offers the ideal balance of graphics and performance
  • MEDIUM mode – Graphics performance is slightly lower, but with smoother performance
  • LOW mode - Degraded graphics, but animations should run properly even on slow computers


Coyote Moon’s Gameplay Rules


  • If any malfunction happens, pays and plays will be voided
  • To win, all line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels, starting with the far left reel
  • Only the highest value winner on each line is paid out. Line wins are multiplied by the line bet on the winning line
  • Only the highest scatter pay award paid. Scatter pays are multiplied by the total amount of the bet
  • Coinciding wins on different lines are added together and awarded to the player. Scatter awards are independent from line awards and are also added to the total amount paid
  • Awards are shown in currency
  • Regardless of your bet size, there is an award cap on any single transaction. See the paytable for details
  • A transaction is defined as the results of the Rising Moon Bonus plus the outcome that launched the Bonus
  • If the award cap is reached in the Bonus, the Bonus will end immediately, regardless of how many free spins may still be available


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