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Mohegan Sun Rewards Rules

Earning Gems

  • When you play for real money at, you'll earn Gems.
  • As you play online, we'll keep track of how many Gems you earn. You can check your Gem balance from your account.
  • The number of Gems you earn in each calendar month determines your membership level in Mohegan Sun Rewards.
  • More Gems means a higher status and access to better rewards.

 Elevating your Status

  • Each Mohegan Sun Rewards membership level comes with its own Gems milestone. By hitting a milestone in a calendar month, you'll enter that membership level. You'll also hold onto your membership the following month.
  • If you don't earn enough Gems the following month, your membership will drop one level.

For example, let's say you move up to Pearl status in Month 1, you'll enter Month 2 with Pearl status. However, if you fail to earn enough Gems to maintain your Pearl status in Month 2, you'll drop to Topaz status in Month 3.

How much your Gems are worth

  • Your membership level determines the value of your Gems. The higher your membership level, the more your Gems are worth.
  • If you want your Gem value to remain the same, be sure to wager enough each month to hold onto your membership.

Earning benefits

  • Mohegan Sun Rewards gives you exclusive access to a number of member-only offers online at and offline at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
  • The higher your membership level, the more rewards you'll earn.
  • Some membership levels allow you to exchange your Gems for cash that you can use online right away.

 Maintaining your membership in Mohegan Sun Rewards

  • If your account is inactive for 6 months, you risk forfeiting your Gems.
  • To keep your account active, all it takes is one real money bet at


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