Water Dragons Slots - How to Play

Enter the world of Water Dragons! According to Chinese legend, any koi that could climb a waterfall on the Yellow River would become a dragon. So the koi has become a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. When you play Water Dragons™ slots, you have the same chance to achieve wealth and prosperity beyond your wildest imagination. Collect pearl symbols to turn Koi symbols wild and rack up the winnings when you earn a Free Spins Bonus to enjoy a dragon-sized payout!


How to Play Water Dragons


Before you can win with Water Dragons online slots, you must first know how to bet:


  • The game features 30 total paylines
  • LINE BET displays the current bet per line shown in currency. Use the left arrow (-) to decrease bet per line and the right arrow (+) to increase it
  • LINES indicates the number of paylines being played. Click the left arrow (-) to decrease the number of paylines played and the right arrow (+) to increase
  • Use SPIN to submit your bet and spins the reels


Water Dragons Graphic Options


  • BEST mode - Graphics look best, but performance may suffer
  • HIGH mode (default) - Optimal graphics and performance setting
  • MEDIUM mode - Lower quality but increased performance
  • LOW mode - Degraded graphics, but smoothest animation performance is achieved even on slower computers


Water Dragon’s Expected Payback


  • Each and every game outcome and spin is completely independent and random
  • The odds of getting any particular outcome are always the same and do not vary based on prior outcomes, bet size, balance size, time of day, day of week, etc. It is completely random
  • If the top award happens to be won on a given spin, the chances of winning the top award on the next spin are exactly the same as before
  • Likewise, prior losses do not change future odds
  • The results for any given player over a play session can vary widely from this long-term, expected average in either direction
  • The fewer the number of games played, the wider the normal variance of actual payback that may be experienced


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