White Orchid Slots - How to Play

Step into the rainforest and behold the fortunes of nature. Those that are tough enough to explore may just find their wildest dreams come true and their fortunes waiting for them among the orchids. Just as the rainforest is teeming with endless varieties of wildlife, White Orchid slots features up to 1,024 ways to win! With twenty independent reels and a White Falls Free Spins Bonus, there’s no telling just what kind of sfortunes you’ll walk away with when you play online at www.MoheganSunCasino.com


How to Play White Orchid Slots


With so many ways to play and win, the options are almost endless. Here’s what you should know about betting in White Orchid before you get started:


  • Each one of the 40 paylines costs one coin to play
  • The 1024 Ways feature can be activated for an additional 40 coins
  • The value of your coins can ben set with the available controls
  • The coin value multiplies your payline and MultiWay™ wins if 1024 Ways is activated
  • COIN VALUE shows the current value of the coins in your currency
  • Simply click the LEFT ARROW (-) to decrease coin value and the RIGHT ARROW (+) to increase
  • Coin value does not change in a linear fashion, but in preset increments based on popular betting amounts
  • LINES + WAYS shows the number of paylines selected and indicates whether or not the 1024 Ways feature is active
  • You can use the LEFT ARROW (-) to decrease paylines and turn off 1024 Ways and the RIGHT ARROW (+) to increase paylines and turn on 1024 ways
  • Players can choose between 1, 10, 20 or 40 paylines
  • If a player selects 40 paylines, they also have the option to turn on 1024 Ways


What The Graphics Settings Mean


To improve the overall gameplay experience, consider adjusting the following graphics settings to ensure the game’s animation works properly. Choose from the following options:


  • BEST mode – sharpest graphics, but performance may be affected
  • HIGH mode – the default option, this setting offers a balance of graphics and performance
  • MEDIUM mode – Lower quality, but improved game performance
  • LOW mode – Degraded graphics, but smoother animations and overall performance even on slow computers


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