How Are Online Casinos Regulated?

How are Online Casinos Regulated?

While online gambling has become conveniently accessible throughout most parts of the world, no international gambling regulation has yet been established. Many countries and states rely on their own set of laws governing the practice of gambling. 

As a result of this, players are required to ensure that their located state regulates online gambling and that the online casino they choose to register with is licensed with a legitimate gaming control board. A licensed online casino is liable to the gaming control board and is required to adhere to the industry standards. Any reason indicating failure to follow these standards will result in the license being revoked by the gaming control board. 

This gives assurance to players that the online casinos they engage with are safe, practice in fairness and can guarantee payout of winnings.

Who Regulates Online Gambling and Why?

Gambling regulations are set in place to protect minors and individuals vulnerable to addiction and impulsive behavior, as well as to ensure fairness between the operator and player. 

To achieve this, states decide which type of gambling activity is marked as legal based on who runs the practice, the locations in which it can be run and the conditions it is operated under. The state then appoints a gaming control board that grants licenses to operators who are fit to run these practices, to which the gaming control board oversees that regulations are adhered to.


Responsibilities of Gambling Regulatory Boards

The Gambling Regulatory Board, also known as the Gambling Commission, sets regulations, laws and guidelines for gambling operators that essentially aim to ensure that crime is kept out of gambling. Before issuing the operators with the appropriate licenses, screening measures are taken to ensure honesty and trust by the gambling businesses. The Regulatory Boards are responsible for overseeing that the regulations are followed by gambling operators, and players can therefore participate in online betting knowing they’re in a safe and regulated environment.

Regulation Differences Around the World

Gambling regulations differ from country to country, and even states, depending on shared objectives. Therefore, restrictions can range from close-to-complete freedom to complete restriction. The following are examples of regulation differences around the world:

In the US

Regulated gambling in the US can be traced back to 1822 and the opening of Brown’s Saloon. Although US-based casinos were closed and removed in the early 1900s, they soon began to re-establish themselves again in the 1930s, most prominently throughout Nevada, Atlantic City, South Dakota and Mississippi states – a trend that continues today.

Although gambling is legal under the US federal law, each state has the freedom to either regulate or prohibit various types of gaming practices at the local level. So while Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Jersey residents can participate in online gambling statewide, other states like Illinois face restrictions from online casino betting and online poker, but can participate in online sports betting. This is limited only to horseracing in Illinois.

States facing complete restrictions are Hawaii and Utah, where all forms of gambling are illegal.


Germany has banned all forms of online gaming and betting, with the exception of horse racing. The ban came into effect through the German Interstate Treaty. The country has no plans to overturn the ban anytime soon. However, licenses for poker are expected to be granted from July 1st 2021.



Canada’s online gambling laws face a lot of grey areas. While it is prohibited to operate an unlicensed online casino in Canada, it is completely legal for Canadians to wager at offshore casinos. 

Online betting sites and casinos accumulated a gross gambling turnover of c$392 million from Canadian players in 2019, rising to above c$340 a year later. However, online gambling activities operating within Canada’s borders face prosecution.


United Kingdom

Online gambling is regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK and completely legal. The UK government believes in fostering a safe and regulated gambling environment, with no prosecuting of online gambling activities. Players have a variety of safe and regulated gambling sites to choose from, with games like online poker, sports betting, casino games, bingo, and lottery-style games freely available for players.

Can Online Casinos be Trusted?

Yes, online casinos are safe to wager from and can be trusted when they are fully regulated and licensed by a legitimate gambling regulating body, which ensures that the casino operates fairly and lawfully. It is therefore important for players to confirm that the operator has the necessary licenses and reputation and operates to industry standard. Online casinos can be trusted when they possess the following:

  • Operating license issued by gambling regulating body
  • Secure banking options
  • Player authentication process
  • Positive player reviews
  • Clear and fair bonus requirements
  • Reputable software providers 


Online Casinos to Avoid

With the internet providing abundant freedom to individuals, many unlicensed online casino businesses may still be under operation. It is vital for players to be aware of such operators who do not have the required licenses and to avoid them completely. 

Along with online casinos that operate without licenses and regulation, the following are examples of online casinos to avoid. This is based on their practice of unsatisfactory player experience, failure to address issues by players, rigged software, inadequate security standards, false advertising, payment problems and more.

Casinos reported to be avoided include:

  • 21 Dukes – Payment problems.
  • Amco Casino – Rigged games
  • Bella Vegas – Spamming players
  • Casino States – False advertising
  • Jupiter Club – Questionable practices
  • Mighty Slots – Payment problems
  • Pure Vegas – Payment problems
  • Winner Is Land Casino – False advertising
  • Aztec Casino – Rigged games

Register with the Best

Online casino gambling has become more accessible than ever before. Players can place wagers from the palm of their hands, something that was unimaginable decades ago. While it’s easier to find casinos online, it’s important to find out which casinos are safe for you to register with online.

Resorts Casino is a licensed and regulated online casino and can be trusted to deliver a gambling experience with nothing but peace of mind. Gambling should be a fun pastime, with the hope of gaining winnings through safe and reliable gameplay. That’s what players can expect at Resorts Casino – a fair gambling experience with uncomplicated processing of payouts and excellent reviews to accompany it.




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