My Bonuses Bonus Engine used to combine all bonuses into a single balance, which we admit, wasn’t the best. From today forward everything will be easier. We hope you take a few minutes to read through this guide that will explain the new My Bonuses section!

All the Changes

  • My Bonus Navigation
  • How I redeem or claim bonuses and promotions?
  • Earning out bonuses
  • Forfeiting bonuses

 My Bonus Navigation

My Bonuses is your one stop shop for everything related to bonuses and promotions. The My Bonuses section is made up of the following areas:

  • Bonus Code Entry
  • Recently Completed Bonuses
  • Active Bonuses
  • Available Bonuses
  • Expired Bonuses

Bonus Code Entry

If you receive a Private Bonus Code, you will enter the it here. Private Bonuses are rare and will be specifically designated that they need to be entered here. For all other bonuses, you will want to look under the Available Bonuses section.

Recently Completed Bonuses

When you release a bonus (complete all of the wagering requirements), or opt into a promotion, it will display in the Recently Completed Bonuses section. 

Active Bonuses

The Available Bonuses displays any bonuses that you have available in your account. You will want to check back frequently to see any bonuses we are offering.

Expired Bonuses

If you do not complete a bonus in the time that is allotted, your bonus will expire. Any bonus that you have redeemed and do not complete in time will display in this section.

 How I Redeem or Claim Bonuses and Promotions?

Forget everything you used to know about claiming bonuses. Nowall you have to do is go to the My Bonuses page and look for the Bonus or Promotion under the list of Available Bonuses. Once you find the one you want, click Deposit or Claim and you’re on your way! It’s just that easy.

Here’s an example. If you’re new to the site, you’re going to have your 100% up to $1,000 First Deposit Bonus waiting for you. Go to your My Bonuses page and scroll down to the Available Bonuses:

Click on the Deposit button to add the bonus to your account and continue on to the Cashier where we will match any deposit you make up to $1,000!

Here’s another example. If you want to opt into a Sweepstakes or Drawing promotion, go to the Available Bonuses section and look for it, like this one:

Click the Claim button to enter into the Sweepstakes. You’re now in the sweepstakes, good luck!

 Earning out Bonuses

Earning out bonuses works the same as you are used to earning out bonuses now, except, you will only work on one bonus at a time. After you have redeemed a bonus that requires you to earn Loyalty Points in order to release it, it will appear under the Active Bonuses section. If this is your only bonus, you will begin working on it immediately. 

Here’s an example of a Standard Bonus. If you claim your 100% up to $1,000 First Deposit Bonus and make a deposit of $1,000, here is what you would see under the Active Bonuses section:

As you earn Loyalty Points, the progress bar will begin to fill up. Once you complete the number of Loyalty Points earned to release the bonus, the Bonus Balance for this bonus will convert to cash. 

 Forfeiting Bonuses

If you redeem a Deposit Bonus your cash that is deposited will be locked in the system until you earn the number of Loyalty Points required to convert the bonus to cash or you can forfeit the bonus.

 Forfeiting a bonus is very easy, on the Available Bonuses section, click the ‘Edit’ button and then click the red ‘X’ next to the bonus you wish to forfeit 

That it’s it, you’re good to go!



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