Stellar Rewards Benefits

We believe there’s nothing more rewarding than cash. That’s why our loyalty program gives you the power to decide how you’d like to be treated.  Stellar Rewards is New Jersey’s top online casino rewards program, designed to impress you out of the gate with exactly what you want. 

Luxury welcome gifts. Access to live concerts and sporting events. Complimentary stays and dinners in Atlantic City, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Limo transportation. Expedited withdrawals. VIP promotions.  And the choice to get exactly what you want by converting your Stellar Points to cash.

As you play with us, you’ll earn Stellar Points. And the more Stellar Points you earn, the higher up in Stellar Rewards you’ll climb.

But Stellar Points don’t just determine your loyalty level. You can swap your Stellar Points for cash and there’s no limit to how much you can covert.

To capitalize on your cash-earning potential, watch out for special days that award 2x, 3x, or even 4x Stellar Points on select games. Then earn more, move up, and get more cash. It’s that simple— and that rewarding.


There are 5 Stellar levels in all. To find out what’s in store in each one, click below.

Earning Points

Earning points in Stellar Rewards is simple:

  • For every $1 wagered on slots, you'll earn 1 Stellar Point
  • For every $2 wagered on Roulette you'll earn 1 Stellar Point
  • For every $4 wagered on Blackjack, Video Poker, and all other Table Games you'll earn 1 Stellar Point

Redeeming Points

You can redeem Stellar Points for cash!

  • Aura: 1,150 SPs = $1 Cash
  • Star: 1,000 SPs = $1 Cash
  • Nova: 570 SPs = $1 Cash
  • Galaxy: 285 SPs = $1 Cash
  • Eclipse: 200 SPs = $1 Cash

Still have questions? Visit the Stellar Rewards FAQ page for more information.



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