How To Host Your Own Casino Night

How to host your own casino party

Who needs to go to the casino when you can bring the casino to your front room? Whether you have a specific reason, such as a casino birthday party, or you’re just in the mood for a get-together with friends, a casino-themed party can be a lot of fun.

We’ve put together the best casino party ideas to help you take your classic games night one step further.


Casino table games

The first thing to consider as you plan your party is what games you want to host. Here are our suggestions:

    • Poker: pick up a casino games kit and you’ll be able to play poker at your party. Poker is a favorite for lots of casino players, but it does require a lot of commitment timewise. So, check to make sure that your guests would be interested before you roll out the chips.
    • Blackjack: this game requires the least equipment, making it a no-brainer for a casino party. All you’ll need is a deck of cards, and once you have those, you could also play baccarat.


  • Board games: throw a curveball at your casino games night by bringing some board games into the mix. Playing Monopoly for real money could be good fun!



Casino-themed cocktails

A good cocktail is fundamental to any casino experience, so you should probably be considering what the bar menu is going to look like for your casino party. You could go down the cosmopolitan route and serve Manhattans, or perhaps consider replicating 1960s Las Vegas and pour some piña coladas.

Bloody Marys are another classic casino cocktail, but you might want to save those for the morning after!

As well as the drinks, you could serve up some casino-themed party food such as a seafood buffet, or something simpler, such as cheese and crackers. This is certain to please the guests and help you to double-down on your casino party theme.


Casino party decor and dress code

An essential part of your casino party will be aesthetics, both for the room and for the attendees. You could pick up a kit that includes casino party decorations for your home and maybe ask your invitees to dress as if they were heading for a night out at the casino.

This could be a smart dinner dress code, if that’s the kind of casino party you are looking to throw, or you could go more casual and ask guests to attend in Hawaiian shirts – the sillier side of the casino!


Holding a casino night for charity

If you like the sound of hosting a casino party, another great idea is to throw it as a charity fundraiser. Here, all of the ‘house’ cash can be put into a pot and donated to a charity of your choice.

This works out more fairly for all of your invitees as you won’t be profiting from them. Also, it will make your guests feel better about gambling if they are safe in the knowledge that any of their losses will be going to a good cause.


Virtual casino parties

In the last couple of years, the world has moved further and further into the online domain. Although not for everyone, virtual parties certainly have their benefits, especially if the friends you want to party with live far away.

You could throw an online casino party by using video call software such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Ask everyone to dress up, pour themselves a cocktail, and throw some casino games using screen-sharing technology.

This might not have quite the same effect as partying in person, but it would be a great way to reconnect with old friends who have moved to other parts of the world or long-distance relatives who you haven’t spoken to for a while.


The legal side

It’s important to remember that hosting a commercial casino night is illegal if you don’t have a license. Perhaps consider using play chips, and whoever has the most at the end of the event wins a monetary prize. To be safe, make sure that the night you’re planning complies with the gambling laws wherever you live – that way, you know that when you beat your friends at poker, it’s entirely legal!



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