Online Casino Myths

Casino myths: online casinos don’t pay

Gambling is synonymous with risk, excitement, anticipation, and a rush of joy when a big win pops up. Online casinos give avid and social gamblers alike the opportunity to play their favorite games of chance from the comfort of their own homes.

However, certain stigmas have developed around online casinos. 

Are online casinos rigged? This question often surfaces when it comes to online casino cashouts and payouts. The internet is awash with complaints about online casinos not paying out wins. Many players feel that these casinos are all too keen to process real-money deposits, but are lax and tardy when it comes to paying out winnings.

In this article, we’ll explore how this stigma gained momentum and we’ll debunk the myths associated with online casino payouts. Online casinos are genuine and the payouts are real.


Do online casinos really pay?

Online casinos do indeed honor payouts to patrons. At real-money online casinos, players win real money on the offered casino games. These online casinos are real companies, just like land-based, brick-and-mortar casinos or bookmakers, that are licensed and regulated by various applicable authorities.

Online casinos offer players the complete casino experience. Casino games you can win money on include slots, table games, poker games and sports betting. You can play any of these casino games to win real money.

The rumor that online casinos don’t pay is simply unfounded. Although there might be instances when human or technical errors seep into the works, the refusal of online casino payouts is mostly legitimate and done with good reason.


Reasons why online casinos refuse payouts

Online casinos may withhold real-money payouts for several legitimate reasons.


Unlicensed and unregulated online casinos: scams

A lot of players fall into the trap of registering an account with an online casino that is not legitimate, licensed and regulated. These online casinos turn out to be scams more often than not, and players lose deposits and don’t receive payouts on winnings.


Protecting players

Online monetary transactions should be secure and the security measures regulating these transactions are quite stringent. This is no different for online casinos. Payouts may be refused when fraudulent activities, such as using a stolen credit card, are suspected. When you sign up with a legitimate online casino, you’ll be requested to submit documentation to verify your identity and financial details. This is all done for your protection. The online casino will not authorize payouts if discrepancies are detected.


Withdrawal terms and conditions

Online casinos will offer players various payment options ranging from e-banking solutions to wire transfers. Deposit and withdrawal terms and conditions apply to different payment options. You should familiarize yourself with these before selecting a payment option. Make sure that you understand how the deposit and withdrawal times work. Generally, withdrawals can take up to seven business days before reflecting in your bank account.

These are the most common reasons why payouts are refused or delayed. Make sure that your chosen online casinos for real money are legitimate. Credentials, regulating authorities and associated gambling bodies are usually indicated at the bottom of the online casino’s homepage.



Can online casinos ban you for winning?

Many people ask: do online casinos ban winners? Being a winner does not get you banned. Legitimate online casinos don’t ban winners – not on slots, poker, table games or sports betting. Players only get banned when they’ve been listed as having gambling problems or when they engage in fraudulent activities.


Are online gambling winnings taxable?

Your online gambling winnings are taxable. You should declare your winnings and keep a record of your gambling expenses. These records include your receipts, bank statements and sports betting tickets. When you file your tax returns, certain gambling expenses are refunded.



Do your homework before entering the online gambling arena. Reputable online casinos, such as Resorts Casino operating under the auspices of Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, provide players with safe and reliable online gambling experiences. 

The online Resorts Casino is licensed and regulated by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement and supports responsible gambling. You can register an account with this online operator with complete peace of mind and be assured that your legitimate winnings will be paid out.



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