Sports Betting In New Jersey Casinos

Sports Betting in New Jersey Casinos

The journey that began in November 2011 to legalize sports betting casinos in New Jersey finally saw success in 2018. Not only did this bring a great new source of revenue for the state, but it also allowed one of its best-loved hobbies to finally be enjoyed by its residents.

It also raised questions for gamblers and other sports enthusiasts over the legalities of wagering on professional contests, and it is important to note that betting on college sports is illegal in New Jersey. However, off-track betting at Atlantic City casinos, both online and in person, is lawful and available. 

The most common attributes sought by bettors when they are choosing a casino are features such as bonuses and promotions, security, privacy and easy transactions, among others. While some players might prefer to get into their car and place their bets in person, more and more people are discovering the advantages of mobile sports play.


How Does Sports Betting Work?

The basics of sports betting are simple. In the state of New Jersey, professional contests ranging from the NFL to cricket to eSports can be wagered on. It should go without saying that bets cannot be placed by any coach, player, employee, official, or anyone else who is involved with a match.

To place a wager, you can go to the casino sportsbook in person, or you can simply log onto your phone, computer or other device to place your bet at your online gaming provider. Transactions are usually instant, whether they are made at the window of a brick-and-mortar location, or via the internet.


What Benefits Does Online Sports Betting Offer?

There are several characteristics that can make one sportsbook stand out over another, especially when it comes to NJ sports betting casinos online. One of the most popular features comes in the form of the various bonuses and promotions that are offered by some casinos to their players. These can include:

  • First deposit bonuses
  • Ongoing deposit match percentages
  • Cashback
  • Free bets
  • Increased parlay odds

There are many other offers available at various sites. You just need to decide which types of promotions appeal the most and seek them out.


Are There Online Casinos With Sports Betting and a Poker Room?

For players who prefer online casinos with a poker room and sports betting in NJ, there are some good-quality sites to be found in New Jersey, and especially Atlantic City. Just as with sports bonuses and promos, poker play often comes with a number of other benefits.

Another important aspect of mobile sports betting is that you will often be able to bet in real time. Live betting in-game allows players to make instant wagers on baseball in between pitches, in football between downs, and in several other sports.


NJ Sports Betting Basics

The rules and procedures are simple. There are three main types of bet. The first is the ‘spread’ or ‘line’ bet. This will show the number of points, runs or goals that a team is favored to win by. Another is the ‘moneyline’ wager, which is where you choose who you think will win the contest outright. 

The third most common type of bet is the ‘over/under’. Here, you wager on the point, run or goal total of a team or game, and decide whether it will be more or less. 

There are also several other types of action that many players love to gamble on. ‘Parlays’ are popular because they allow players to win a lot of cash on a small investment. These involve picking two or more options together on the same bet. If they all – or, in some cases, a qualifying number – win, then you can take home a much larger amount than if you had placed individual bets. ‘Future’ and ‘prop’ (proposition) bets can also offer mind-blowing payouts.



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