Strong Authentication


We want to help you keep your account secure. That's why we included Strong Authentication as an extra security feature.  As soon as you turn on Strong Authentication, your account will have an extra layer of protection. Each time you log in to with your email and password, we’ll text you a 4-digit code. Enter the code and you’re in. 

Why use Strong Authentication? 
While you might have a strong password, if someone guesses it, they can get into your account. That’s true of any account — not just your account. But with Strong Authentication, anyone guessing your password won’t be able to log in without also knowing the code. And because we text you a new code each time you log in, they won’t be able to get in without having access to your phone and text messages. 

Below are the steps to turn on Strong Authentication on your account.
1. Log into your account
2. Go to My Account > Login Details and choose Strong Authentication at the top.
3. Click the button next to Use Strong Authentication
4. Enter your mobile number in the Mobile Number field and click Continue.

5. You will get a text message to your mobile number with a 4-digit code.
6. Enter the 4-digit code into the field and click Continue

7. You will receive a confirmation about adding Strong Authentication. Click Continue

8. Your Strong Authentication settings have been successfully changed.  Strong Authentication is now turned on.
You will now be prompted to enter a 4-digit code when logging into your account.



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